What Does It Mean When A Bearded Dragon Licks You


Have you ever wondered what it means when your bearded dragon licks you? As a bearded dragon owner, it's important to understand their behaviors and what they're trying to communicate with you. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of bearded dragon behavior and specifically focus on the meaning behind their licking behavior. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of why your bearded dragon licks you and what it might be trying to convey.

1. Understanding Bearded Dragon Behavior

Before delving into the topic of licking behavior, it is important to have a basic understanding of bearded dragon behavior in general. Bearded dragons are unique reptiles that exhibit a range of behaviors, each with its own meaning. By observing and interpreting their behaviors, we can gain insight into their emotions and needs.

1.1 Body Language

Bearded dragons communicate primarily through body language. Understanding their body language is crucial in deciphering their intentions and emotions. Some common body language cues to look out for include head bobbing, puffing up their beards, arm waving, and licking.

1.2 Licking Behavior

Licking behavior is one of the intriguing ways in which bearded dragons communicate with their owners. While it may seem unusual for a reptile to lick its owner, this behavior serves several purposes and can convey different messages.

2. The Various Meanings Behind Licking Behavior

Bearded dragons may lick their owners for various reasons, each carrying its own significance. Let's explore some of the possible meanings behind this unique behavior.

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2.1 Marking Territory and Recognizing Familiarity

One possible explanation for a bearded dragon's licking behavior is related to scent marking and recognizing familiarity. Bearded dragons have a keen sense of smell and use their tongues to gather information about their environment and those they encounter. By licking you, your bearded dragon may be trying to mark you as part of its territory or simply recognizing your scent as familiar and comforting.

2.2 Seeking Attention and Affection

Bearded dragons, despite their reptilian nature, can form strong bonds with their owners. Licking can be a way for them to seek attention and affection. Similar to how dogs may lick their owners' faces to show affection, bearded dragons may lick their owners as a way to initiate interaction and express their desire for attention.

2.3 Exploratory Behavior

Licking can also be a form of exploratory behavior for bearded dragons. Just like how humans use their sense of touch to explore their surroundings, bearded dragons may use their tongues to investigate objects and individuals. By licking you, your bearded dragon may be trying to gather more information about you, your scent, or even the taste of your skin.

2.4 Testing Boundaries and Asserting Dominance

In certain cases, bearded dragons may lick their owners as a way to test boundaries or assert dominance. While this behavior is less common, it is essential to be aware of it. If your bearded dragon licks you in a forceful or repetitive manner, it may be trying to establish dominance over you or challenging your authority. In such cases, it is crucial to implement proper training techniques to ensure a healthy and respectful relationship.

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3. How to Respond to Licking Behavior

Now that we have explored the various meanings behind a bearded dragon's licking behavior, it is vital to understand how to respond appropriately. Your response will depend on the specific context and the message your bearded dragon is trying to convey.

3.1 Positive Reinforcement

If your bearded dragon licks you in a gentle and non-threatening manner, it is usually a sign of seeking attention or affection. In such cases, responding with positive reinforcement can strengthen your bond and make your bearded dragon feel loved and appreciated. You can reward your bearded dragon with gentle pets, verbal praise, or even a favorite treat.

3.2 Setting Boundaries

In situations where your bearded dragon licks you in a forceful or repetitive manner, it is crucial to establish boundaries and assert your position as the leader. You can gently redirect their behavior by removing yourself from the situation or providing a distraction. Consistency and patience are key when setting boundaries and enforcing them.

3.3 Seeking Veterinary Advice

If your bearded dragon's licking behavior becomes excessive, compulsive, or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, it is advisable to seek veterinary advice. Excessive licking can sometimes indicate underlying health issues or stress. A professional veterinarian will be able to assess your bearded dragon's health and provide appropriate guidance.


In conclusion, when a bearded dragon licks you, it can have various meanings depending on the context and the specific behavior displayed. From marking territory and seeking attention to exploratory behavior and testing boundaries, bearded dragons use licking as a form of communication. By understanding their body language and responding accordingly, you can strengthen your bond with your bearded dragon and ensure a harmonious relationship. Remember to observe your bearded dragon's behavior holistically and seek professional advice when necessary. Now that you have a better understanding of what it means when a bearded dragon licks you, you can appreciate this unique behavior and respond appropriately.

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1. What does it mean when a bearded dragon licks you?
- When a bearded dragon licks you, it is usually a sign of affection or curiosity. They may be tasting your skin or showing that they trust you.

2. Is it normal for bearded dragons to lick their owners?
- Yes, it is quite common for bearded dragons to lick their owners as a way of bonding or exploring their surroundings.

3. Why does my bearded dragon lick my hand?
- Bearded dragons may lick your hand to gather information about you through taste and scent. It can also be a sign that they enjoy your presence.

4. Does bearded dragon licking hurt?
- No, bearded dragon licks are usually gentle and don't cause any pain. Their tongues are not sharp or abrasive.

5. Should I let my bearded dragon lick me?
- Allowing your bearded dragon to lick you is perfectly safe and can strengthen your bond. Just ensure your hands are clean to prevent any potential health issues.

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