Can Bearded Dragons Have Cucumber


Bearded dragons are fascinating reptiles that are popular as pets due to their unique appearance and relatively low maintenance. As a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet. One common question that arises is whether bearded dragons can have cucumber as part of their diet. In this article, we will explore the dietary requirements of bearded dragons and delve into the potential benefits and risks of including cucumber in their diet.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet for Bearded Dragons

Before we dive into the specific question of cucumber consumption, it is essential to understand the importance of a balanced diet for bearded dragons. Being native to the arid regions of Australia, these reptiles have evolved to consume a wide variety of foods, including insects, vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. A balanced diet aims to mimic their natural diet and provide them with all the necessary nutrients for their optimal health.

The Four Basic Components of a Bearded Dragon's Diet

A bearded dragon's diet consists of four main components:

1. Insects: Insects are a crucial source of protein for bearded dragons. This includes crickets, mealworms, dubia roaches, and silkworms, among others. They should make up roughly 60% of a juvenile bearded dragon's diet and around 20% of an adult's diet.

2. Vegetables: A variety of vegetables should be included in a bearded dragon's diet to provide essential vitamins and minerals. Examples of suitable vegetables include collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, and butternut squash.

3. Fruits: Fruits should be given in moderation as treats due to their high sugar content. Suitable fruits include papaya, mango, blueberries, and strawberries. They should make up only around 10% of a bearded dragon's diet.

4. Supplements: Calcium and vitamin D3 supplements are crucial for bearded dragons to prevent metabolic bone disease. They can be dusted onto their insects and vegetables.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber?

Now that we have a basic understanding of a bearded dragon's dietary requirements, let's address the main question at hand: Can bearded dragons eat cucumber? The answer is both yes and no, depending on certain factors.

Yes, Bearded Dragons Can Eat Cucumber

Cucumber is a hydrating vegetable that consists mainly of water. It can be a suitable addition to a bearded dragon's diet as a source of hydration, especially during hot summer months. However, it should be offered sparingly and in moderation due to its high water content and relatively low nutritional value.

No, Bearded Dragons Should Not Rely on Cucumber as a Staple Food

While cucumber can provide hydration, it should never replace other essential components of a bearded dragon's diet. Cucumber lacks the necessary calcium, protein, and other vital nutrients that bearded dragons need to thrive. Therefore, it should only be considered as an occasional treat or a way to provide additional moisture.

Balancing a Bearded Dragon's Diet with Cucumber

Now that we understand the limitations of cucumber as a staple food for bearded dragons, it is important to know how to incorporate it into their diet appropriately.

Treats and Occasional Snacks

Cucumber can be given to bearded dragons as an occasional treat or snack. Slicing the cucumber into small, manageable pieces makes it easier for them to eat. It is important to remember that treats should only make up a small portion of their overall diet and should not exceed 10% of their total food intake.


One of the benefits of cucumber is its high water content, which can help keep bearded dragons hydrated. This is particularly useful during hot weather or when they are shedding. However, it is important to provide them with a water bowl as their main source of hydration, as they need to drink water independently.

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Variety and Enrichment

Including cucumber in a bearded dragon's diet can add variety and enrichment. Offering different textures and flavors can stimulate their appetite and prevent dietary boredom. However, it is crucial to maintain a balanced diet by incorporating a wide range of other suitable vegetables and insects.

Risks and Considerations

While cucumber can be a safe and occasional addition to a bearded dragon's diet, there are a few risks and considerations to keep in mind.


Cucumber contains a moderate amount of oxalates, which can bind to calcium and prevent its absorption. High levels of oxalates can contribute to the formation of kidney stones in bearded dragons. Therefore, cucumber should not be given in excessive amounts or too frequently, especially if there is a history of kidney issues.

Pesticide and Herbicide Residue

It is crucial to thoroughly wash and remove any pesticide or herbicide residue from the cucumber before offering it to your bearded dragon. These chemicals can be harmful to reptiles and may cause digestive issues or other health problems.

Individual Sensitivities

As with any food, bearded dragons may have individual sensitivities or allergies to cucumber. It is important to observe their behavior and digestive health after introducing cucumber to their diet. If any adverse reactions occur, such as diarrhea or loss of appetite, it is best to discontinue feeding cucumber and consult a veterinarian.


In conclusion, while bearded dragons can eat cucumber, it should not be a staple food in their diet. Cucumber can be offered as a treat or an occasional snack, providing hydration and enrichment. However, it is important to remember that a balanced diet for bearded dragons consists of a variety of insects, vegetables, fruits, and supplements. Always prioritize their nutritional needs and consult with a reptile veterinarian for any specific dietary concerns. By understanding the dietary requirements of bearded dragons and making informed decisions about their diet, we can ensure their well-being and longevity.

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FAQs: Can Bearded Dragons Have Cucumber?

- Yes, bearded dragons can eat cucumber, but it should only be given to them occasionally and in moderation.
- Cucumber is not a staple food for bearded dragons and should be considered as a treat rather than a regular part of their diet.

1. Can bearded dragons eat cucumber every day?

No, it is not recommended to feed cucumber to bearded dragons every day. It lacks essential nutrients and can lead to digestive issues if overconsumed.

2. Should I peel the cucumber before feeding it to my bearded dragon?

Yes, it is recommended to peel the cucumber before feeding it to your bearded dragon. The skin may contain pesticides or other harmful substances that can be harmful to them.

3. Can cucumber be the main source of hydration for bearded dragons?

No, cucumber has a very high water content, but it should not be the main source of hydration for bearded dragons. They still need access to fresh, clean water at all times.

4. Can cucumber bearded dragon's diet cause any health problems?

Feeding cucumber as a regular part of a bearded dragon's diet can lead to health issues like diarrhea and nutrient deficiencies. It should be offered as an occasional treat rather than a staple food.

5. Are there any benefits of feeding cucumber to bearded dragons?

Cucumber can provide some hydration to bearded dragons due to its high water content. It can also offer a refreshing and crunchy treat for them, but it should not replace their main diet of insects and leafy greens.

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